How to match a transaction to a call manually

Do you want to match a sales transaction to a calendar booking? Usually, as long as the email address matches up, this happens automatically. 

If the email is different, there is a typo, or the call occurred after the sale it won't match by itself. 

But don't worry, you can MANUALLY match a call to a transaction to mark that call closed with one click. 

For example: your customer booked an appointment using one email, and paid with another. 

Don't worry, you can easily match your transaction to the calendar booking with a manual match.

Step 1: Go to "calls" "completed" and find the booking in question 

Step 2: Click "Cash in" and the transaction icon 

Step 3: Select the corresponding sale or search by email or name if you don't see it 

This will mark the call as "closed" and assign the sale to the rep that took the call. 

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