How to connect Go High Level (GHL)

Unlike most other calendar apps, Go High Level is a 2-Step Process rather than one-step 

You must complete BOTH steps for a proper integration 

Step 1: Authorize Go High Level under Settings in Glance 

Step 2: Add a trigger in GHL to send the data to Glance 

First, login to your GHL account at 

Then, click "Triggers" on the left side menu, then "+ Add Trigger" 

A. Name your trigger "Glance Commission Tracking" or something similar so you can remember what it is

B. Select "appointments" under "What event should trigger this rule?" 

C. Under "2. What actions should we perform?" select "Execute Webhook"

D. Add the Glance Webhook:

E. Change trigger status to "Active" 

F. Click "Save" 

Final step: Test your calendar integration with a new booking 

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