Invite Your Reps to Glance

When you signup to Glance as an admin, you may want to add your sales reps or business partner as a user. 

if you invite your reps, they will only be able to see their calls and sales, not the entire company by default. If you'd like to change this and let them see everything, you can give them "admin" permissions under manage team after they've been invited. 

How to invite your sales reps 

Step 1: connect Your booking Software 

Go to Settings >> Integrations >> Connect

Step 2: Wait for a calendar booking to come in 

When a call is booked with your rep in your booking software, that call will automatically be pulled in to Glance and the rep will be added as a user. 

They will receive login username and password to their email once a call is booked. The rep will not automatically be created as a user until they receive a booked call in your booking software. 

As soon as they receive a booking, you will be able to find your rep under settings >> manage team. It's recommended that you set a quota and commission at this time 

Step 3: Tell your rep to check their email and login 

That's it! Note, it's highly recommended that you have your rep login daily as part of their end of day (EOD) reports so they can... 

- mark no-shows in Glance 

- Mark offer/no offer in Glance 

- Match any calls to sales that didn't match automatically (if, for example, the email is different on the call booking and sale) 

OPTIONAL: If you don't want to wait for a booking to come through, or you need to add a separate admin account, you can add a user under settings>> manage team

If you manually add a user that already exists in your booking software, be sure to use the same email 

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