How to setup Wave Apps using Zapier

If you'd like to integrate Wave Apps, google sheets, or any other Zapier-support payment system, you can setup a zap to do that. 

Here are the instructions to setup Wave Apps in Zapier: 

1. Request a private invite to Glance zapier app by clicking the following link 

2. Login to

3. Create new zap 

4. Select "Wave" for step 1

5. Select "new invoice" for trigger event 

6. Select and integrate your wave apps account 

7. Select the appropriate business under Wave apps 

8. Search "Glance" in step 2 and select the invite-only app

9. Select "create a transaction" 

10. Hit "Sign in" to Integrate your Glance account 

11. Paste your API key from Glance application

Go to and login 

Then go to Settings >> integrations >> Zapier >> View API keys

Hit "copy to clipboard" 

Navigate back to Zapier and paste the API key in the pop up box 

12. Setup the form fields for Glance in Zapier. Select the exact form fields below 

Hit "publish" on your zap and make sure it is turned on 


*Note - Zapier can take up to 20 minutes to push a transaction through to Glance 

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