How to setup subscription commission plans

The subscription commission plan is used to pay the sales rep a different commission (even zero) after the first month's commission has been paid. 

Example: Rep gets 20% on first month's payment and 0% afterwards

Example 2: Rep gets 15% the first month, 10% month 2 and 5% every month thereafter indefinitely 

Step 1: Navigate to commission plans 

Step 2: Create your plan 

Select "subscription plan"

Name your plan something your team and managers can understand 

Set your first month's payment. If it is the same as their default commission, set it to base + 0 

Set any other custom one-time commission changes you have by clicking "add new" 
ex. month 2 they get 10% commission and month three changes to 5%. Add a new line for month 2 

Select limited or infinite. 


A limited plan will have a set commission for X through Y payments, then revert to zero 

EX. rep gets 10% month 2 through 24, then commission goes to zero 


Example: rep gets 5% commission after first 2 months indefinitely

Click to submit then... 

Step 3: Assign to sales rep

Settings >> manage team >> edit 

Assign commission plan >> click to update 

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